Caleb Yates

I was born and raised in Virginia, USA; about 40 minutes out from Washington DC. Grew up in a christian family and dedicated my life to the Lord very young.

After high school, I attended Youth With A  Mission (YWAM) in Kona, Hawaii, where I did a Discipleship Training School (DTS), named '360'. This is where I encountered the Lord in a more meaningful way than I had before and was apart of an outreach that lasted 3 months.

I went home later that year (2011) and after nine months, I returned to YWAM for several years staffing and leading teams across the world for outreach.

During this time I grew in my relationship with Miriam Steiner and fell in love with her. Eventually I proposed to her in June 2015, and planned for a wedding that September!

Afterwards we moved back to Kona to invest into our marriage, community, learn from leaders, and prepare for long term missions. Originially Denmark was our destination until God opened a door for us into Europe through Berlin, Germany.

Miriam Steiner

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. I grew up in a christian family and always knew about the Lord, and got to know God as I got older.

After I finished school, my family went and did a DTS in Kona, Hawaii, while I was in foundation school on the base (school for the children of DTS students). The year after I did my own DTS, in Restenas, Sweden, I went home and did two years of school.

In 2011 the Lord called me to do School of Photography in Kona. After that school I staffed and led Discipleship Training Schools, both in Kona and in Denmark.

In 2013 Caleb and I started dating and about to get married September 2015. After our wedding, we moved back to Kona to learn more, prepare for long term missions, disciple people, and serve at the base!

We now live in Berlin, Germany!