Youth With A Mission is a full time, 40+ hour a week, job. The only unique aspect is there is no salary.

Each staff volunteer, from the founder to the newbie, must raise a personal team of financial and prayer partners.

Caleb & Miriam would like to invite you to consider being on their team.

Thank you.


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Preferred donation method.

Contributing to the Mission

Caleb & Miriam are full time volunteers with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

Financially contributing towards Caleb & Miriam, is supporting something larger than just two people.
It is an investment.

You are contributing to Caleb & Miriam's marriage, work, and life.


List of general Needs

  • RENT is our biggest monthly cost at $800 in Berlin.
  • APARTMENT DEPOSIT is a need we can pay over time, $1500.
  • METRO TICKET is a must have in Berlin, it costs $180/month (for both of us total).
  • SONY ALPHA CAMERA Caleb will be documenting Refugees and needs good camera equipment.
  • MONTHLY SUPPORTERS Become a monthly supporter $90, 120, 180 per month
    • Danish: 612, 816, 1224kr per month.
  • BERLIN VISA we will need 3x our rent to be able to apply for the visa $1500/month.