Copenhagen Delayed

Copenhagen is CM final destination, but it may be delayed a few years.

Several months ago, Fire & Fragrance Ministry began praying into several locations they felt were strategic areas for YWAM/Missions. These locations would have the purpose of being "missionary sending" or "Antioch" base to the surrounding nations.

Berlin is one of those locations.

Caleb attended a meeting three months ago with a very small interest but felt it was what God was saying to do. Most people at that meeting were eager to go, but Caleb was less than 10% sure. Copenhagen was still Caleb & Miriam's goal. Events transpired and Berlin became more and more promising as a landing pad instead of moving straight to Copenhagen.

What does all this mean?

As of February 27th, Caleb & Miriam decided to move to Berlin in June 2017. This date is tentative, and could be earlier. This move is big and they will be campaigning to raise $1500 in monthly support as it is needed for Caleb's visa.

Please be praying for CM as they prepare for moving overseas. Remember Berlin would be a transition location into Copenhagen, meaning only about 1-2 years of being in Berlin. 

Side note: It also helps Caleb's visa situation to be in Berlin.

Managing & Discipling

A little short ministry update!

Miriam has been asked to be 3 different girls one on ones for School of Photography.

Caleb is mainly working in the evenings at Kona Coffee, so he can be available in the mornings for BTC.

CM have been praying for a decent replacement of management for the BTC and that they could help train and transition next quarter. Prayer answered! Chauncey will be transitioning into management this quarter and the next!

CM have been having community meals with different individuals over the past several weeks. Gathering around a meal and processing the week and dreams has been a delight.

Look At This New Machine!

Finally after two months, back and forth emails/phone calls, and a lot of paperwork, we did it.

The Banyan Tree Cafe has a brand new espresso machine!

Introducing the LaMarzocco Linea 2EE

Daylight Mind Coffee's Entrance

Daylight Mind Coffee's Entrance

Daylight Mind Coffee is our provider for espresso and drip coffee beans. We have been collaborating a lot recently and their top baristas/roasters came up to our cafe to train us on our new machine.

The training was incredibly fun and we learned so much on what espresso is and how it should taste and more!


The BTC is continually growing and will soon have HI Kombucha on tap in the coming weeks!

P.S. January 2017

P.S. What we are into right now:

  1. Google Home - "Okay Google" is said throughout the day!
  2. READING - our 2017 resolution of at least 15 minutes a day!
  3. NEW HOUSEMATES - 2 guys moved out, 2 girls moved in.
  4. SMART HOME - syncing a tv, computer, and speaker makes you feel futuristic.

Ministry & Community Status

A brief status update on our ministry/community:

  • Community Transformations has merged with Fire & Fragrance to work together and go stronger after God's calling for missions and revival in the nations.
  • Caleb & Miriam are praying/discussing our role outside of the BTC.
  • Comm Trans just sent their teams to several nations including: Middle East, Germany, Cambodia, and more!

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Caleb quit Target and works for Kona Coffe & Tea Company (KCTC).

Caleb & Miriam continue to manage the Banyan Tree Cafe (BTC) on campus.

CM are surrounded by coffee every day! Continually learning what it means to manage and schedule work for staff, as well as how to craft espresso and clean the corners of a cafe. It is an incredible experience and CM is excited that the work they do now will be transferable to Copenhagen when they move.

The extra financial income has been a blessing from KCTC which has led to being able to save, provide transportation and more.

Those that financially support, it has been very helpful to help in preparing for Denmark!

Banyan Tree Cafe

Banyan Tree Cafe

Kona Coffee & Tea Company

Kona Coffee & Tea Company

Oh It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Denmark

The past 2 months, progress towards moving to Denmark has increased a lot. Our team consists of 4 people. We believe God spoke there would be a total of 6-7 people joining the YWAM Copenhagen team at the moment.


Sabrina is currently on the ground in Copenhagen running an event called Refine. The event is every weekend where students, workers, and the like can receive quality teaching similar to a DTS and still maintain their schedule. Refine has been fruitful and refreshing for YWAM Copenhagen.

Joel Davis was on our strike team to Denmark earlier this year. He has been loyal and dedicated towards the call God gave him for Denmark. Miriam, Joel, and I have met weekly to pray and ask God our steps in moving to Denmark. Joel is currently moving back home to work, save, and raise support for his move to Copenhagen.

Miriam and I have also joined a new prayer group of people focused on moving long term to Europe. People want to move to England, Amsterdam and more! God is putting Europe on the hearts of missionaries for a reason and we are excited to answer the call!

These are our practical goals in the next 6 months:

  1. Skype with Sabrina and setup monthly prayer times
  2. Skype with YWAM DK Leader Ulrik
  3. Continually pray with team and others for Denmark/Europe
  4. Practice Duolingo - Danish daily (Joel has done 40+ days consistently)
  5. Raise monthly donors so we can focus on Copenhagen
  6. Continue to work at cafes to get experience and help save for Denmark
  7. Purchase tickets around April-June timeframe

Look for future updates so you can know about the progress of moving to Copenhagen!

Practicing our Danish, Joel is so good at it!

Practicing our Danish, Joel is so good at it!

We Are The New Managers

Logo Credit: Addysen Walchek (website)

Logo Credit: Addysen Walchek (website)


Caleb & Miriam & Vivienne are the new Banyan Tree Cafe (BTC) Managers. Miriam leading the charge as manager, while Caleb & Vivienne assist with logistics and administration. 

They have taken the BTC and redefined its purpose whilst building on some of the strong principles from previous managers.

"We want the BTC to be a serious commitment and not a filler for missionaries who don't know what they are doing. The cafe business is so transferable internationally, anywhere you go there is a job for you and place to influence."
The old BTC.

The old BTC.

The new BTC.

The new BTC.

Newly renovated!

Newly renovated!

Vivienne has worked in the BTC throughout the pass several years, and has the most coffee experience. She is a great asset and works hard to bring out the quality in our drinks. She has personally trained each barista on espresso to bring consistency for every espresso shot pulled.

Caleb has seen the joy that the cafe has brought his wife, and wanted to support her with his gifting in administration. Finding joy in supporting Miriam and working along a similar personality type, Vivienne, he adds innovative ideas to create a more dynamic cafe.

Miriam assisted the previous manager, Andrew Skiba, and picked up on all the managing tasks very quick. After following a word from the Lord to just volunteer at the cafe, she has already taken ownership and installed various innovative changes that now make the BTC feel official and respected.

A hidden character that has helped to bring resources and partnerships is Joanna Mutch. She oversees the cafe and has helped to pull strings so that the cafe is funded and able to make improvements that were not possible before.

Caleb built this table for the cafe.

Caleb built this table for the cafe.


Caleb is pursuing a barista role in town as well to gain more experience and to compliment the future for pioneering in Denmark. Miriam wants to work in cafes in Copenhagen when they return in 2017, to jump straight into the local community and bring about transformation by living out the Gospel.

Over 15 people waiting 5 minutes before opening at all entrances. It is busiest in the morning!

Over 15 people waiting 5 minutes before opening at all entrances. It is busiest in the morning!

YWAM Kona Update

Comparing the summer quarter to the fall quarter is vastly different. In the summer it is quiet, small and hot (temperature wise). The fall brings noise, many people, and coolness in the air. Over 500+ participants are being equipped and trained to go to over at least 15+ locations (probably more) to share the gospel of JESUS! You can get some finer details on Comm Trans in this article.

Right before the quarter, the Kona Prayer Room initiated a 40 day fast for a greater outpouring of God on Kona through salvations, encounters, and more! YWAM Kona is more expectant than ever for revival, salvations, repentance and more Jesus Christ!

Caleb & Miriam are involved in the Banyan Tree Cafe, read more here!

Community Transformations DTS 2016

The DTS is here and the participants are amazing. Caleb had the privilege of meeting some of the men in the group. We have people from Sweden, Oregon, Hawaii, and more locations.


Currently the school is praying into their outreach locations: New York City, Middle East, Asia, Greece & Germany, and few other locations. Isn't it astounding that multiple teams are going to share the gospel all over the world?

The biggest change, as touched on before, is the dynamic of having Comm Trans DTS staff and non-DTS staff. This means we can expand our reach, vision, and team to do more of God's work:

  • Staff outreach pioneering in New Zealand and Iceland.
  • Another staff is joining the CR Experience and launching out to Asia to scout out ministry opportunities.
  • A group traveling to the middle east to launch an international DTS and pioneer for 2+ years!

Currently Caleb & Miriam are non-DTS staff. They are managing the Banyan Tree Cafe, which you can read about here.

Insights: What It's Like To Work Overnight

I work at Target overnight.



My shift is 10pm-6am or 1030pm-330am.

It is exhausting and I am wondering now if it is worth the expense of missing the day and losing time with my wife. The biggest strain has been lack of spending time with God and feeling outside the community.

The overnight crew is very dynamic, and I have thoroughly enjoyed talking and working together. At first it feels like a trial run to be on their team, and when they see you are hardworking it is as if an aroma of friendliness is in the air. Their personal stories really humbles me and motivates me to work as hard as they do. 

For the past several weeks I would sleep until noon, wake up, and be on base in less than 10 minutes to help assist manage the cafe, and be at Comm Trans meetings. Then at 430pm I would come home, and work on media for clients & ministries. Then at 7pm I would sleep till 930pm, wake up, and go to work. Cycle, recycle.

I sleep in 2 parts: 2hrs before work and 5hrs after work.

Of course on top of all this, even with the small support we have and this paying job, somehow it feels like money just burns away. Which to me is crazy, because our bills are so low! 

With all this to say I am pursuing the idea of dropping this job and applying for a barista job in town at a non-Starbucks establishment.

The goal is to gain as much coffee & cafe experience, so that when we pioneer in Denmark we can apply our experience to the vision of a YWAM Cafe in Copenhagen. I believe God is leading me to focus on strengths that will be good to invest in now that compliment future opportunities.

Kona Coffee and Tea is where Caleb is hoping to work.

Kona Coffee and Tea is where Caleb is hoping to work.

Working overnight may work for the single bachelor or a college student, but the physical exhaustion really takes a toll.

Be On A Team


Caleb & Miriam have an invitation for you, they would like to invite you to join their prayer team!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. [Philippians 4:6]
Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. [Matthew 18:19]

The bible emphasizes the importance of prayer together, and CM recognize the need not only for financial support, but spiritual prayer support. 

This is what it looks like to be on their prayer team:

  • Pray frequently for Caleb & Miriam, make a schedule
  • Ask the Lord what He is saying and doing in their lives, and message them
  • CM will ask for specific prayer points, and would appreciate a response on what you individually hear God saying on those topics
  • Join their newsletter to be kept up to date on their ministry and journey

Please pray and see if you yourself should become a part of Caleb & Miriam's prayer team today!

Name *
I am interested in... *
Phone *

P.S. October 2016

P.S. What we are into right now:

  1. SCRUBS - this is our wind-down, comedic relief, ritual. This show is hillarious!
  2. AIR CONDITIONING - this is life changing in the humid Kona, Hawaii.
  3. FALL - so far 2 fall themed parties and more to come. Kona is summer year round, so we try our best to remember the rest of the seasons.
  4. COFFEE - this is our focus right now. We are reading, watching, tasting and living coffee to get all the experience we can.
    (We also subscribed to Blue Bottle Coffee for our household)